We perform grinding on large and small tool machines up to 10,700x2680x2400 mm for manufacturing companies (e.g. on surfaces, guides, benches, bases, tables) and for companies that recondition and perform retrofitting.


We also perform base grindings with face grinding obtaining orthogonal errors of approx. 5 microns.

On request, we also perform pre-assembly testing on base lines.


WALDRICH CNC tangential grinding machine 7000 × 1500 mm WITH CONTROLLED TABLE AXIS


For example, machining of:
Internal cam diameters 1200 / 1300 mm
External diameter 1500 x L = 6500 h = 500 mm
Wedges with max 45 ° inclination
Length 7000 x 1500mm in width
Concave and convex surfaces on 1 level
More internal holes can be performed on plate